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EHS Staffing Program


SCT's EHS Staffing Program is an innovative solution tailored to meet your Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) staffing needs. With a commitment to excellence and a deep understanding of industry requirements, our program connects your organization with skilled professionals who will seamlessly integrate into your team and contribute to a safer and more compliant workplace.

What is the EHS Staffing Program?

Our EHS Staffing Program is a specialized service that provides you with qualified EHS experts to fill critical roles within your organization. Whether you need temporary support, project-specific assistance, or long-term placements, our program is designed to deliver the right talent to enhance your EHS capabilities.


  1. Expertise On Demand: Gain access to a pool of highly skilled EHS professionals without the time-consuming process of recruitment. We offer a range of professionals, from EHS coordinators to specialists, who can hit the ground running.

  2. Flexibility: Adapt to changing project needs, workload fluctuations, or evolving compliance requirements by scaling your workforce up or down as necessary.

  3. Cost-Effective: Save on recruitment costs, training, and benefits associated with full-time employees. Our program provides a cost-effective solution tailored to your budget.

  4. Fast Turnaround: Urgent project? Unexpected vacancy? Our network of EHS professionals allows us to quickly match the right talent to your needs, reducing downtime and ensuring continuity.

  5. Industry Insights: Our EHS experts bring diverse industry insights and best practices to your organization, contributing fresh perspectives and innovative solutions.

  6. Reduced Compliance Risk: Ensuring your EHS responsibilities are met is critical. Our professionals are well-versed in regulations, helping you maintain compliance and avoid costly penalties.

  7. Customized Solutions: We work closely with you to understand your specific requirements and provide candidates with the right skills and experience to excel in your environment.

Elevate your EHS capabilities with SCT's EHS Staffing Program. Contact us today to discuss your staffing needs and discover how our program can enhance your team, streamline projects, and ensure a safer workplace.

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